Get Seeds from Sweet Peas After They Stop Flowering

Pleasant peas are among the mainstays of the yearly garden. When you discover a selection you love, why not conserve the seeds so you can expand them every year? This post clarifies the best ways to accumulate sweet pea seeds.

How Do I Collect Sweet Pea Seeds?

If you prepare to expand wonderful peas in the same yard spot once more following year, you don’t have to go to the difficulty of saving seeds. As the seed sheaths completely dry, they pop open and drop their seeds to the ground. If you desire to grow them in one more place or share your seeds with a pal, nonetheless, comply with these easy directions to collect the seeds.

When Do You Harvest Sweet Pea Seeds?

Begin saving seeds from sweet peas after the coverings turn brownish and weak. On the various other hand, if you wait also long, the breakable seed cases will damage open and drop their seeds to the ground. Accumulating seeds from sweet peas is simple.